Bloomingdale School & Jr. College Panchgani




It’s important to note that the specific facilities can vary widely based on the school’s focus, budget, and location. Prospective students and their parents should consider these factors when researching and choosing a boarding school. Visiting the school and talking to current students and staff can also provide valuable insights into the facilities and overall environment.


  • Dormitories or hostels for students to live in.

  • Common rooms or lounges for socializing.

  • Supervision and security measures to ensure the safety of students.

  • Dormitory are well equipped with required and modern amenities.


  • Classrooms equipped with modern teaching aids.

  • Libraries with a diverse collection of books and resources.

  • Computer labs for technology-based learning.

  • Science laboratories for practical experiments.

  • Art studios and workshops for creative activities.

  • Sports facilities such as playing fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and swimming pools.

  • Gyms for physical fitness and sports training.

  • Outdoor spaces for recreational activities and relaxation.

  • Green spaces and gardens for relaxation and outdoor activities.


  • Infirmary or health center with medical staff.

  • Counseling services for emotional and mental health support.

  • Fitness and wellness programs.

  • Dining halls or cafeterias providing nutritious meals.

  • Dietary options for students with specific needs or preferences.

  • Auditoriums or theaters for performances and events.

  • Music rooms and practice spaces.

  • Clubs and societies for various interests and hobbies.

  • Houses are assigned for each student for sports various competitions.


  • Security personnel and surveillance systems to ensure the safety of students.

  • Controlled access to the campus.

  • School is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

  • Wi-Fi and internet access throughout the campus.